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Ocean inspired jewelry Designed in Cyprus


Peach & Waves is a jewelry brand founded and established in the beautiful island of Cyprus. Characterized by contemporary vibes with traditional touches, our jewelry are all creative handcrafted designs.

Whether you love minimal designs or bold statements, our focus is making women who wear our creations feel confident and stylish, each in their very own unique way. Every jewelry piece we design tells a story; either a memory made in the past that the jewelry helps you to reminisce, or a story to be made in the future while you wear your jewelry.

The Cypriot summer is a huge inspiration for me. Turquoise seas, crystal clear water, white sand and glorious sunsets are a few of the things that I grew up with and that first inspired me to start designing handmade treasures. Encompassing a playful sense of style with an exotic island twist, we welcome you to join our Peach & Waves family and follow our journey!

With love from Cyprus,
Founder and creative director,
Peach & Waves


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